About Us

Fetch, Eat, Repeat: Hydrant Bar

Hydrant Bar is a sports bar designed to cater to the needs and wants of both dogs and their human companions, providing a space where they can enjoy quality time together in a social and welcoming environment. It’s a testament to the growing trend of integrating pet-friendly facilities into everyday leisure and dining experiences, catering to the increasing demand for spaces that acknowledge and celebrate the bond between humans and their dogs.

Pooches, Pints, and Patio Bites

Hydrant Bar combines elements of a cozy, welcoming sports bar with the playful and open nature of a dog-friendly beer garden. The décor features dog-themed art and accessories, while the layout ensures easy access between the dining area and the dog play zone. Safety measures, cleanliness, and comfort are paramount, with staff on hand to assist with pets and ensure a pleasant experience for all guests.